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What are the reasons behind the recurrence of accidents?

- we do not recognise the risks

- we do not know the causes

- we do not act to stop the causes

- we do not share our experiences

Dear Reader,

Transportation Safety Bureau of Hungary was established by the Minister for Economy and Transport on 1st January 2006 in accordance with the law enacted by Parliament. Its task is the independent safety investigation of aviation, railway and marine accidents with the objective to issue safety recommendations based on lessons learnt from analyses in order to prevent similar occurrences in the future. Therefore, we regard prevention as our fundamental aim.

In our safety investigations, we endeavour to take all objective facts into consideration. In order to find the causes we have to reveal circumstances leading to the occurrences. In practice, it means not only conducting the required technical and technological investigation but also reviewing the legal background as well as the traffic safety regulations. We pay particular attention to the human factor as the most important element of processes with regard to safety. This is why we place great emphasis on education and continuous improvement of already acquired knowledge, skills and experience.

It is not the purpose of our investigations to apportion blame or legal liability. In accordance with European Union directives, Hungarian regulations prohibit the naming of persons legally responsible for the occurrence. Our investigations are anonymous, therefore the final reports on the results of the investigations prepared by our organisation do not contain names.  
Our tools of prevention are as follows: we make the findings of our investigations (i.e. the most likely reasons of the occurrences) public in order to draw lessons from them as well as sending safety recommendations to the organisations concerned. We are obliged to compile and send an annual report to the Government regarding our work, the further use of safety recommendations and the conditions of transport safety in the areas under our jurisdiction.

The independence of our organisation is provided by law. The impartiality of our employees is assured not only by complying with regulations but also by their personal and professional commitment to high standards.

Our predecessor organization, the Civil Aviation Safety Bureau of Hungary (POLÉBISZ - CASB) had investigated more than five hundred incidents and accidents during the four-year period of its existence, gaining considerable experience in the process. By using that accumulated intellectual capital for the benefit of aviation, railway and water transport safety, I believe we can make a difference.



Last update 24 March 2021