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Transportation Safety Bureau of Hungary (TSB) is an independent investigating body what ensures that an investigation is carried out after any serious accident on the Hungarian rail system. According to Directive (EU) 2016/798 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 May 2016 on railway safety.

The activity of TSB is based on Act CLXXXIV of 2005 on the safety investigation of aviation, railway and marine accidents and incidents. TSB is independent in its organisation, legal structure and decision-making from any infrastructure manager, railway undertaking, charging body, allocation body and conformity assessment body and from any party whose interests could conflict with the tasks entrusted to TSB. Furthermore, TSB is functionally independent from the national safety authority, from the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) and from any other regulator of railways.

Investigations are carried out independently of any judicial inquiry. Investigations are in no case concerned with apportioning blame or liability. The objective of an investigation is to improve, where possible, railway safety and the prevention of accidents.


The following Final Reports of safety investigations are available in English:

For more, see Annual Reports to ERA where the reports contain summaries in English of all Final Reports published by TSB.

Date Occurrence ID Location  Occurrence type   Fatalities   Final report*   Note 
  2020.08.14.   HU-2020-0789-5   Biatorbágy  Accident / Fire in rolling stock 0 download EN
  2018.06.11.   HU-2018-0679-5   Majláth (Miskolc)  Incident / Runaway 0 download EN
  2010.07.19.   HU-2010-0308-5   Pécs  Accident / Trains collision 0 download EN
  2010.02.09.   HU-2010-0069-5   Budapest-Nyugati  Accident / Train derailment 0 download EN
  2009.12.09.   HU-2009-0627-5   Devecser  Incident / Runaway 0 download EN
  2008.10.06.   HU-2008-0446-5   Monorierdő  Accident / Trains collision 4 download EN
  2007.12.15.   HU-2007-0462-5   Kaba  Incident / Electric shock 0 download EN
  2007.02.06.   HU-2007-0047-5   Almásfüzitő - Komárom  Accident / Trains collision 1 download EN
  2006.12.12.   HU-2006-0161-5   Újszász - Szolnok  Accident / Trains collision 0 download EN
  2006.08.06.   HU-2006-0048-5   Komárom  Accident / Train derailment 0 download EN
  2006.07.15.   HU-2006-0033-5   Csajág - Balatonkenese  Accident / Level crossing accident   1 download EN
  2006.07.05.   HU-2006-0027-5   Rákospalota-Újpest - Fót    Accident / Train derailment 0 download EN

*By clicking the "download" button you can read the Final Reports of safety investigations carried out by TSB.


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