2024. 04. 13.

An Extra 330L experimental aircraft, registered as HA-PET, crashed in the vicinity of Martonvásár and Ráckeresztúr at 09:40 LT. The aircraft took off from Tököl Airport (LHTL) for an aerobatics flight, and after nine minutes of flying, plunged vertically into the ground. Both occupants perished in the accident and the aircraft was destroyed.

TSB Hungary’s investigators excavated the wreckage, accounting for all major aircraft components and control surfaces on the site. Footage from an action camera attached to the left wing was obtained and its damaged files subsequently restored to usable condition. The footage indicates pilot incapacitation that occurred prior to the final plunge, with no further signs of pilot input. TSB Hungary, local police and the Hungarian CAA conduct independent investigations to find the cause of the accident, including its technical aspects.

TSB File No. 2024-0451-4.

2024. 03. 05.

On course from Budaörs Airfield to Kecskéd Airfield, a student pilot of a Cessna 152 registered as HA-BAE experienced engine problems and performed a successful emergency landing on a crop field near Óbarok at 10:05 LT. No injury or aircraft damage ensued; minor crop trample damage occurred. Initial engine inspection substantiate engine failure with damage.

TSB of Hungary launched an investigation, File No. 2024-0284-4.


The TSB of Hungary issued the Final Report of the accident that happened on 23 March, 2018 with the OK-TVP registered Boeing 737-8k5 aircraft. In the course of its investigation, the IC concluded that the direct cause of the accident was the lack of communication from the cabin crew on duty in the aft galley to the rest of the crew, and identified the presence of the panic on board as an indirect cause, which was caused by the misjudgement of the origin of the smoke. The IC of the TSB found no grounds to issue a safety recommendation.

Final report: 2018-128-4


About halfway from Brussels CRL to Bucharest OTP, the crew of a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 suspected a fuel leak. Following a fuel imbalance warning they declared PAN PAN, shut down engine no. 2 and diverted to Budapest BUD to an uneventful single-engine landing. Emergency services were alerted. No persons were injured in the incident. Passengers were disembarked and carried to their destination in a relief aircraft. The mishap aircraft was towed to a stand for preliminary inspection.

TSB of Hungary investigates the incident, File No. 2022-1751-4.


The crew of an ATR-72 aircraft, registered as YU-ALY, operated by Air Serbia, on its way from Vienna to Belgrade experienced electric smoke in the cockpit on cruise level. Declaring emergency, the crew diverted to Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, to an uneventful landing. No personal injury ensued. Passengers are to be flown to their destination by a relief flight arranged by Air Serbia.

TSB of Hungary is investigating the event (Case No. 2022-1378-4).


An A320 aircraft operated by Danish Air Transport, flying for Wizz Air in wet lease, suffered a right engine flameout at FL360 in Croatian airspace en-route from Tirana to Berlin and diverted to Budapest, Hungary, where the crew performed an uneventful single engine landing at Budapest Franz Liszt International Airport. No further damage or personal injury ensued.

The occurrence is being investigated by TSB of Hungary, Case #2021-0304-4.


At Békéscsaba Airport (LHBC) during a trainig flight, the pilot of a Piper PA-34-200 Seneca aircraft, registration HA-YCI, landed gear up. No personal injury ensued. The aircraft was damaged.

TSB of Hungary is investigating the event at Case #2021-0286-4.


Vicinity of Apostag (Hungary), nearby Road #513, the Discus T glider with registration D-KIBT collided with a combine harvester during landing in unexplained circumstances. The pilot was seriously injured and the aircraft was significantly damaged in the accident.

The occurrence is being investigated by TSB of Hungary, Case #2021-0195-4.



The pilot of a Cessna 172RG landed gear up at Györ-Pér airport (LHPR) with two passengers on board. The aircraft sustained damage to the propeller and the fuselage. No personal injury ensued.

The occurrence is being investigated by TSB of Hungary, Case #2021-0186-4.


At 15:05 LT, shortly after takeoff from Rwy 31 of Surjány airfield (LHSU), a TMG-class Scheibe SF-25 Motofalke, registered as HA-1279, lost altitude turning crosswind and crashed NE of the airstrip. The two PPL-qualified occupants were taken to hospital with serious and life-threatening injuries, respectively.The aircraft was damaged beyond repair.

TSB of Hungary is investigating the accident at Case #2021-0096-4.


On 2 March 2021 during a scheduled runway inspection at BUD Airport 4 runway edge lights were found knocked out (later confirmed as 3). In the initially examined 7-hour period prior to the discovery of the broken lights, no aircraft could be positively identified as responsible for the event. The investigation continues with the extension of the examined period.

UPDATE – Based on the data of the subsequent FDR readout, the involvement of the initially implicated Saab 340 of Airest has been ruled out.


The pilots of the twin-engine aircraft (Piper PA-34-200T, registration number: HA-SOA) lost control at low altitude while practicing single engine touch-and-go procedure at Atkar airfield (LHAK). The aircraft crashed on a cultivated area. There were no injuries.

The occurrence is being investigated by the Transportation Safety Bureau of Hungary, Case #2020-523-4.