BA 2006-041-6_1. Based on the experiences of the occurrence and on the findings of the technical investigation, the IC recommends the CDEPW to initiate that the navigation map of the Danube River - in the reaches in the territory of Hungary - be available.

BA 2006-041-6_2. Based on the findings of the technical investigation, the marine incident could have been avoidable if the crew of the towboat had performed the anchoring manoeuvre with more care, however, the IC recommends the CDEPW that navigation maps should contain data on the current water and ford depths as well as data on the waterway (where it narrows significantly). The maps should also be updated regularly. Furthermore, the CDEPW should initiate (or name) an organisation responsible for publishing and updating such maps.

BA 2006-041-6_3. In order to prevent similar cases, the IC recommends the NTA to issue regulations on refloating manoeuvres (methods and techniques) according to the characteristics of the given reach of the river. The IC also suggests that the refoating manoeuvres after a certain time period - defined by the NTA - should be performed subject to the permission of the NTA.

BA 2006-041-6_4. As similar incidents occur rather frequently when water levels are low, the IC recommends the NTA and the CDEPW to harmonise their work with regards to groundings so that the entire or partial compensation for caused damages to the waterway after the occurrence be regulated. Furthermore, the IC recommends that the regulations should include the procedures to be followed after groundings.