Kategória / Occurrence class:

Serious incident

Dátum / Date:


Időpont / LT:


Ország / Country:


Helyszín / Location:


Sérülés / Airplane damage:



Esemény leírása / Narrative:

Bejelentés szerinti eseményleírás: Az LX2251 hívójelű légijármű felszállási engedélyt kapott, majd végrehajtotta a felszállást a 13R futópályáról. A légijármű felszállása előtt hókotró gépjárművek engedélyt kaptak a 13R futópályán történő áthaladásra a B1 várópont irányából. A légijármű felszállásakor a gépjárművek nem hagyták el teljes terjedelmében a futópályát, annak biztonsági sávján belül tartózkodtak, ezzel mérvadó forgalmat jelentettek az induló légijármű számára.


Esemény leírása / Narrative:

"Winterops in LHBP. Single RWY operation due to snow removal. Upon arrival in LHBP, RWY 13R for LDG. Reported braking action medium, medium-poor, poor. X-wind 5 kts, +SN. Upon LDG, we recognized that braking action was actually worse than reported; full RWY poor. Following Elal-aircraft confirmed this.
By the time of our departure, active RWY was 13L, wind 070/7, SN, Vis 2000m, BA medium-poor. As out of x-wind limits, we waited for RWY 13R to be reopened after snowremoval. Finally we received RWY 13R for departure with reported BA good, still SN and visibility btwn 2000 and 3000m, wind 070/5. Performance calculation done for RWY 13R, BA med, contamination up to 3 mm with slush and dry snow. This gave a Flap 8° takeoff with a large split btwn v1 and vR; v1 was 114kts and vR 135ks. Taxiclearance was "Swiss 225A, enter RWY 13R via A and backtrack. Report ready." Readback by COP. While taxiing all the RWY back, we performed a soft brake check in order to evaluate the BA, as we actually did not believe in  BA good since we had landed on that RWY with BA worse than reported. With this brake check we considered the BA to be medium and slippery, better than one hour before but still contaminated and not good. Meanwhile we reported to be ready for departure. Approaching THR 13R, TWR asked "Swiss 225A, are you able to turn on the RWY at THR?" - "Affirm, able Swiss 225A" - "Roger, Swiss 225A, you are cleared lineup and takeoff RWY 13R, report rolling"-"Cleared lineup and takeoff RWY 13R, will report rolling, Swiss 225A". We lined up the aircraft and performed a lineupcheck. RWY end was not very good visible due snowfall, but everywhere blinking yellowlights from snowremoval trucks. Static takeoff performed by CMD; brake released upon TOGA thrust set. COP reported to TWR "Swiss 225A, rolling" - "Roger". At around 100-110kts TWR called "Swiss 225A, hold position, we have a truck on the RWY.). For a short while I was not sure whether to reject the takeoff or to continue and the first tendency was to reject (short thrust reduction with ATS still engaged). In the same second CMD and COP saw the snowremovaltruck crossing in the last third of the RWY, almost vacated. CMD called "continue" and TOGA thrust was set again. Shortly thereafter, vR was reached and I rotated the aircraft. No comment from ATC. Decision to continue was taken by the experienced BA on that RWY before, which always was worse than reported. In addition, the truck seemed to be very far away and was about to vacate when we saw it, so a high energy takeoff rejection shortly before v1 on that slippery RWY might have caused a greater risk of an accident on my opinion."


Típus / Type:


Lajstromjel / Registration:


Üzemeltető / Operator:


Sérültek / Injuries:

Halálos / Fatal

Súlyos / Serious

Könnyű / Minor

Nem sérült / None

Személyzet / Crew:





Utasok / Passenger:





Induló repülőtér / Departure airport:

Hungary LHBP (BUD): Budapest/Ferihegy

Célrepülőtér / Destination airport:

Suisse LSZH (ZRH): Zurich