BA 2008-315-4_01: The IC recommends NTA AD to control, using its powers of authority, whether the flying hours data of the CASC512 Fuel Flow Regulators mounted on the TAY 620-15/20 engines of Fokker 70 type airplanes operated by Malév Zrt. fulfil the requirements of document GOODRICH CMP 052.

BA 2008-315-4_02: The IC recommends NTA AD in possession of the data resulting from the control described in paragraph BA 2008-315_01, to carry out the measures necessary to terminate the situation endangering flight safety without delay.
Comment: executed by NTA AD on 26 February 2009.

BA 2008-315-4_03: In accordance with Chapter 1.2 of CAME approved by NTA AD, the IC recommends Malév Zrt. to review and modify the „Malév Fokker 70 Maintenance Programme” in line with the recommendations of document „EMP Tay 620-15 for Fokker 70 & 100 Operators” (RM 1581 issue 6. 26 November 2007) issued by Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG. Regarding Chapter 4. ”ON-WING MAINTENANCE” of the above mentioned document, besides the jobs required by Fokker MPD, the modification shall extend to the so-called „RR tasks” as well. The modified „Malév Fokker 70 Maintenance Programme” shall be submitted to NTA AD for approval.

BA 2008-315-4_04: The IC recommends Malév Zrt. to include in Chapter “Component Limitation” of “Malév Fokker 70 Maintenance Programme” the “soft time” engine auxiliary equipment and maintenance tasks from document RR „EMP Tay 620-15 for Fokker 70 & 100 Operators” together with their from/until “soft time” values.

BA 2008-315-4_05: The IC recommends Malév Zrt. to develop together with its contracted partner a computer based monitoring system which is able to follow the maintenance deadlines of “soft time” auxiliary equipment even when the auxiliary equipment is dismounted from the engine before the engine’s shop visit.

BA 2008-315-4_06: The IC recommends NTA AD to use its powers ensured by legislation and facilitate and require execution and continuous adherence to safety recommendations BA 2008-315-4_03, BA 2008-315-4_04 and 2008-315-4_05, complementary to the safety recommendation BA 2008-315-4_02 issued on 20 January 2009.